miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2009

compressor please

If you have a home studio, then you should have a FMR RNC-1773 stereo compressor in it.
Nothing can compare to it sonically for under $1000, yet the unit only costs $180. It has a special mode called Super Nice Compression that serially connects 3 separate compression elements within the unit to avoid the typical noise pumping problems common to most compressors. This is a great tool to use during your mastering stage. You can buy the RNC-1773 directly from the manufacturer at www.fmraudio.com. RNC stands for Really Nice Compressor!

I've never heard any compressor produce something like Super Nice mode, which was definitely the way to go with program material. The effect reminded me of what you get with something like a "loudness maximizing" software plug-in, but with more analog character.


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